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Human Solutions to introduce series of online events!

From February on, RAMSIS users and those who are interested can participate in various web conferences: Besides free information events, targeted customer training courses are also in the pipeline


Kaiserslautern, 17. January 2006 The Human Solutions Company of Kaiserslautern, Germany, has opted to use the Internet to provide even more topical and practical information to users of its RAMSIS software solution: in the period between February and April 2006, free web conferences in German and English are planned - these conferences will address interested parties and new customers, introducing the fundamentals behind the CAD solution. Those with previous knowledge of RAMSIS will also be able to choose between three different topics in online training courses. Participants pay only 240 Euros for each virtual further training event.

Topics and dates at a glance:

    Free information events:

  • 7th February: The Current RAMSIS Version 3.8.17

  • 7th March: Functionality of the Motion Recorder

  • 4th April: Automatic Analysis

    Online Training:

  • 24th February: Posture Simulation

  • 24th March: Carrying out a Vision Analysis

  • 21st April: Belt Simulation

The full event titles and exact event times have been compiled for you at . Anyone interested can register online for individual events at this site and you'll also find answers to your technical questions here.