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XFIT ARMY: Human Solutions starts a series of online events

Planned from February onwards - Web Conferences on various topics encompassing the clothing solution


Human Solutions has opted for the medium of the Internet to provide even more topical and practical information about XFIT ARMY. In the period between February and April 2006, free web conferences in English are planned - these conferences will address interested parties and new customers, introducing the fundamentals behind XFIT ARMY.

XFIT ARMY is the worldwide leading solution for the outfitting of military personnel and state security forces. The customer base, in addition to the

US ARMY, includes military forces like the German Federal Army, the Dutch Army and the Swiss Army.

Topics and dates for the free information events at a glance:

  • 14th February, 14th March and 18th April:

    Introduction to XFIT ARMY

  • 15th February, 15th March and 19th April:

    The technical background of XFIT ARMY

  • 16th February, 16th March and 20th April:

    The manufacture of uniforms with XFIT ARMY as well as an introduction to ANTHROSCAN

Full titles, short descriptions and event times have been compiled for you at Anyone interested can register online for individual events at this site. You'll also find answers to your technical questions there.