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Human Solutions presents a new 3D body scanner

Apparel Industry Exhibition IMB 2006 – 10th-13th May in Cologne: Next-generation laser scanners developed especially for the retail clothing trade and industrial applications.


Kaiserslautern, 10th May 2006 - Human Solutions GmbH, of Kaiserslautern, Germany will present the new VITUS LC and VITUS XXL 3D body scanners for the first time at the IMB apparel industry trade fair.

Human Solutions conceived the VITUS LC especially for the retail trade. In comparison to its predecessor, VITUS Smart, it requires less space and costs much less to purchase and maintain. This was made possible through a radical change in design – with VITUS Smart, the person being measured stood between four columns arranged in a square - VITUS LC only requires three. As a high-end system with improved resolution and expanded measuring area, VITUS XXL meets the special demands found in industrial applications, like the determination of requirements for armed forces or serial measurements - and the scanner complies fully with the ISO 20685 international standard.

Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions GmbH commenting on the new developments said, "In spite of the high level of interest in the 3D body scanner principle, many retailers remained undecided, simply because of the amount involved in the purchase price or in the leasing payments. Others just didn't have the necessary space to set up a scanning cubicle. In looking for a solution to both of these problems, we hit upon the idea to place the columns in a triangle rather than in a square - and VITUS LC was born. The industrial environment places especially high demands on robustness and versatility - and internationally valid standards must also be taken into account. With the VITUS XXL, we have succeeded in creating a scanner that meets the extremely high demands placed upon it in armed forces operations, fulfils the strict requirements for accuracy and enables flexible postures - and the costs involved are virtually on a level with those of its predecessor.

Having run the model through extensive tests, we have now decided to present it at the 2006 IMB."

Further optimized for trade and industry

The technical progress the company has made in recent years and practical experience with previous scanner installations were the important driving factors behind these further developments. "It's only thanks to the recent progress we’ve made in various fields of mathematics and technology that VITUS LC and VITUS XXL have now become reality - and our software has also become considerably more powerful and versatile," explained Dr. Helga Gäbel, Head of the 3D Body Scanning Division at Human Solutions.

The advantages of VITUS LC at a glance:

  • Reduced purchasing and maintenance costs

  • Less space required thanks to smaller floor space area and reduced height

  • Reduced startup and operation costs due to lighter construction and fast installation

The advantages of VITUS XXL at a glance:

  • Higher measuring volumes comply with ISO 20685 standard – and still have virtually unchanged space requirements

  • Greater degree of accuracy thanks to improved calibration procedure

  • More robustness through integrated system monitoring in continuous operation

IMB 2006 – 10th-13th May in Cologne

Human Solutions as an exhibitor at the IMB - in Hall 08, Booth C 010 / D 011.

The company’s focal themes: INTAILOR, XFIT ARMY,