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Swiss Army expands its XFIT ARMY system

From October 2006 - Recruit Measurement Countrywide with the 3D Body Scanner. Human Solutions' XFIT ARMY solution to control the outfitting of all prospective military personnel.


Human Solutions has received a significant order from the Swiss Army - in future, 3D body scanners and XFIT ARMY software will be used to outfit all Swiss recruits. Located in the Windisch Recruiting Center, both of these components have been used since 2004 to determine the best fit in uniforms. Basing its decision on the performance XFIT ARMY has provided since its introduction, the Swiss Army will now expand the system countrywide, starting from October 2006. This is therefore the first military force in the world to have all its recruits measured digitally – and, as a result, to have representative data always available for the absolute optimization of outfitting costs and the determination of requirements.

The decision to implement the 3D body scanner and XFIT ARMY countrywide was made within the context of ARMEE21. This Swiss Army program was created to reduce apparel costs by automating measurement procedures and the outfitting of uniforms through the use of high-tech solutions. In doing so, all aspects were taken into consideration, from measurement in recruitment centers to order processing in the armories and the manufacture of special sizes.

The armasuisse, the Procurement and Technology Center of the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, has carried out extensive pilot tests in Berne as well as in the Windisch recruitment center. Jürg Billeter, responsible for equipment and apparel at the armasuisse commented: “Human Solutions' XFIT ARMY has proved itself in practical tests. The interaction of hardware and software functions perfectly. The potential savings we hoped for were also confirmed. That's why the planning section of the Army has decided to take the next logical step and use XFIT ARMY on a countrywide basis. Measurements will be carried out digitally in the six recruitment centers Lausanne, Sumiswald, Rüti, Mels, Monte Ceneri and Windisch. All scan and requirements data will be transmitted to Bern for processing in the central XFIT ARMY server. Preparations are already being made, so the official start of the new demand-driven planning system will soon take place.”

The contract between the Swiss Army and Human Solutions encompasses the delivery of five stationary 3D body scanners, a mobile 3D body scanner integrated into a converted truck (the Scanliner) and a central scan data server. A two-year maintenance and support agreement was also entered into.

Dr. Rainer Trieb, head of the responsible department at Human Solutions commented: "The decision of the Swiss Army to further expand their utilization of our solution shows us that with XFIT ARMY we have developed a viable concept for economic, demand-driven planning. However, more important is the fact that our system has proven itself in actual practice and the savings potential we promise really can be put to use."

XFIT ARMY: Cost reduction in the outfitting of uniforms

With XFIT ARMY, uniforms are correctly sized - and they're ready where and when they're needed. Military personnel are thus outfitted according to need and military rules of dress. This results in transparent stocks, more wearer comfort and protection for military personnel.

XFIT ARMY acquires body measurements and automatically determines the correct garment sizes and order numbers for all uniform items. Order data and the required number of items are then transferred to ERP and warehousing software programs during the CIRP process (Clothing Issuing Resource Planning). Thanks to the comprehensive XFIT ARMY data pool, additional cuts/styles and tables of sizes can be optimized and customized clothing can then be manufactured. All data is anonymous and encrypted.

With XFIT ARMY, recruits don't simply receive clothing that fits - installations in Switzerland, Holland and the USA have also proven beyond a doubt that XFIT ARMY drastically reduces warehousing costs.