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Karmann gears up for the North American market

More customers from the automotive industry opt for Human Solutions product performance and reliability. Karmann, the Full Service Vehicle Supplier, works as a cabriolet specialist for many large car manufacturers


As one of the first leading suppliers to the automotive industry, the Wilhelm Karmann GmbH of Osnabrück, Germany has opted to use the electronic Beltfit Test Device (eBTD). This will add a decisive safety component to the RAMSIS Human Solutions ergonomics system which the Karmann company has now been using in Osnabrück for the past few years. Karmann engineers will start using the eBTD immediately to verify seat belt routing in compliance with Canadian government regulations. Belt routing certification by means of BTD or eBTD will be required in future for the authorization approval of cars on the Canadian market.

The Tier 0,5 Supplier Karmann designs and manufactures specific modules and complete vehicles for international car manufacturers - the company is also highly regarded in the trade as being specialists for vehicle roof systems. Karmann-built models include all the VW cabriolets in the Beetle and Golf ranges, as well as those of Audi and Mercedes.