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RETAILOR Pilot Customer in North America Expands Customized Clothing Range

3D Tailors Inc. now also offering ladies' wear. Oktavia now also available in Canada, in addition to Odermark and Scabal.


Since August 2005, the Calgary retailers 3D Tailors Inc. have been using RETAILOR SHOP 3D, the Human Solutions Company clothing solution. This means that the Canadian specialist shop is the first company in North America which doesn’t just use the 3D body scanner by itself – 3D Tailors Inc. is now directly linked to European manufacturers at the same time via the RETAILOR platform. So after an eminently successful start with men's customized clothing from Odermark and Scabal, the ladies can now also purchase costumes that fit like a glove. Effective immediately, 3D Tailors Inc. has an online link to the ladies’ wear manufacturer Oktavia.