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Topic: Active safety with RAMSIS


Dear RAMSIS User,

The safety of drivers and passengers will really be put to the test by the speakers and workshops at this year's RAMSIS User Conference: the entire vehicle interior will be analyzed for possible risk factors, from mirrors and belt routing to side and front airbags. Individual in-house workshops will not only deal with new design certification norms for seats and belt routing, but also tackle the special demands of commercial vehicle construction.

The second focal issue will be devoted to the question of how RAMSIS can be better integrated with the existing IT world.

An informal get-together on the evening of the 18th of September in the Seehotel Gelterswoog will provide you with the first opportunity for discussion and the exchange of information.

The end of the first day will see theory make way for practice, when all the participants meet on the go-cart racetrack for the evening event.

Then on the 19th and 20th, we have stimulating lectures for you - plus the following workshops:

Data integration with RAMSIS

Increased efficiency in vehicle development thanks to the seamless data integration of RAMSIS with the IT world of the manufacturer

Vehicle drivers' cabs with RAMSIS

Ergonomic cabs for trucks, buses and fork lifts - in just 45 minutes.

eBTD and BTD

Evaluating the influence the new design certification norms have on vehicle development in the North American market, particularly with regard to seats, belts and entire vehicle development.

Active safety with RAMSIS

Design of mirrors, side and front airbags and belt routing

You'll find more informations at

WeŽll be delighted to see you at the RAMSIS User Conference in Kaiserslautern!