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Optimal uniforms for the Qatar Armed Forces

XFIT ARMY - a mainstay in the development of new uniforms. PROJECT OBJECTIVE - the improvement of apparel for 3,200 military personnel - using ANTHROSCAN and 3D Body Scanners


The Qatari Armed Forces are totally redeveloping their uniforms portfolio. Project research is being carried out by the Center for Research in Design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and the software solutions ANTHROSCAN and XFIT ARMY by Human Solutions are being used during the project.

Realistic base data

There is a general dearth of anthropometric data available for Qatar and absolutely none for the country’s armed forces – so serial measurement of 3,200 military personnel has been carried out before the test of the uniform prototypes takes place - and 3D body scanners were used to take these measurements. ANTHROSCAN by Human Solutions will then be used to evaluate the data. Size & fit optimization and allocation of uniform sizes will be carried out by XFIT ARMY.

Realistic base data for the fitting of the uniforms is especially relevant, since 80 % of the population in Qatar comes from abroad (e.g., India, Pakistan, Iran or other Arabian and African countries. This is why a wide range of uniform sizes & fits is necessary.

Optimization of uniforms, logistics and warehousing

The project will last approximately 2.5 years, from the first uniform design to final manufacture of all the uniforms. A major part of project time is taken up in design and production. The measurement, evaluation and optimization procedures are carried out by solutions from Human Solutions and are planned to continue through the implementation phase. XFIT ARMY will also be used later for garment logistics and optimization of the warehousing processes.

Advantages gained by using ANTHROSCAN and XFIT ARMY

ANTHROSCAN uses raw serial measurement data to create comprehensive and flexible base data for the evaluation of body dimension data. This base data is also available for later measurement procedures. XFIT ARMY helps with the allocation of garment sizes and their latter-stage fitting. Uniform sizes can then be made "on demand" - sizes that are actually needed. Stocks - and consequently logistics and warehousing costs - are thus considerably reduced.