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AUTOVAZ uses RAMSIS for its vehicle design phase

More driving comfort in the Lada


AUTOVAZ now uses RAMSIS for vehicle development and is the first Russian vehicle manufacturer to do so. RAMSIS, the leading CAD tool for ergonomic simulation for vehicle design, will be used to target more comfort in the Lada model range.

The long-term strategy of the AUTOVAZ Company is to become established on the West European automotive market - and RAMSIS is now an important element of that strategy. RAMSIS - the ergonomics software by Human Solutions - will be wholly integrated into the product development process. Created by the software specialists from Kaiserslautern, Germany, the system will ensure that AUTOVAZ can cater to individual customer demands for comfort and specific ergonomic requirements.

AUTOVAZ is the largest car manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe with registered offices in Togliatti, Oblast Samara on the middle reaches of the Volga.