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Human Solutions: Two new employees reinforce the team

Two personnel changes for more active sales time with customers


Two key personnel changes have taken place at the Human Solutions Company. Two employees are new on board: Erika Thiex (47), joins Internal Sales and will be responsible for ensuring that more active sales time is spent with customers for all products. After studying fashion design at the Trier Technical University in Germany, Erika Thiex started her working career with the CU GmbH in Pirmasens. She later joined CAS, where she successfully cared for customers from the consumer goods industry (including many from the apparel industry) for several years. "Thanks to her years with CAS and her experience as an independent customer care specialist, first in the apparel industry and later in the automotive industry, Erika Thiex brings with her exactly those skills we require for our worldwide and service-oriented customer care program", said Anton Price, Human Solutions Sales Director.

As an Applications Engineer in the Ergonomics/Simulation Division, Florian Gleixner (28), is responsible for the acquisition of project and licensing business - he will also host training courses and carry out coaching on the premises of our automotive customers. A consultant with BMW since November 2006, he was involved with the ergonomic interior design of various models. During his studies at Munich Technical University, he set the course for his later career, completing various practical training projects in prototype construction and geometry validation with BMW. In joining Human Solutions, Florian Gleixner wishes to exchange the application of ergonomics tools for product sales, in order to achieve closer contact with the OEMs. "Getting well-trained and successful employees to come to Kaiserslautern isn't always easy, so we're delighted to have gained Florian Gleixner for our company and for Kaiserslautern", said Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions GmbH, commenting on Mr. Gleixner's move from the metropolis of Munich to Kaiserslautern.