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Human Solutions participates in DHErgo – a European project

Modern digital manikin for ergonomic product design


On September 1st 2008, the Human Solutions GmbH became a participating company in the DHErgo project. The objective of this project is the development of a modern digital manikin for ergonomic product development. During the project, a discomfort analysis and the simulation of human muscles and of the skeleton will be developed. “In future, the DHErgo manikin will be capable of simulating complex motion sequences, task-related loads, the gradual changing of human movements with increasing age and the interaction of the human being with his environment”, explaines Hans-Joachim Wirsching, Project Manager with Human Solutions.

“In this age of globalization, the reduction of product development time and costs is an important objective for the automotive industry. Digital manikins still offer a great deal of potential in this respect, because errors - and the resulting costly prototype development - can be drastically reduced with the help of analyses carried out at early stage. The development of DHErgo presents an opportunity for us to further develop RAMSIS, the world's leading human model and to equip it with new functions”, said Mr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions GmbH.