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Human Solutions has another new customer - one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world...

Liebherr opts for RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles. Crane vehicles will be constructed using software from Kaiserslautern.


Human Solutions has added another major manufacturer of commercial vehicles to its customer list: The Liebherr Werk Ehingen GmbH (Liebherr Works Ehingen, Ltd) will use the software solution RAMSIS for the development of their on-road and off-road crane vehicles. The mobile and caterpillar cranes manufactured by Liebherr Ehingen enjoy an outstanding reputation on international markets. As the market leader in this product segment, Liebherr supplies customers all over the world. The Liebherr Werk Ehingen GmbH is a subsidiary of the Liebherr Group of Companies, which was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr and is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world today.

Liebherr uses the RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles sector solution, one which was specially developed to meet the requirements of the construction machinery industry.

“Our decision to opt for the ergonomics tool RAMSIS was above all influenced by the fact that now we could have a tool which addressed optimal ergonomic working conditions for crane drivers - as early as the design and construction phase. On the one hand, the preliminary analyses contain more comfortable seating and operating ergonomics - and on the other, improved visibility conditions for the driver in his direct and indirect work environment. With RAMSIS, our designers can avoid the time and cost-intensive modifications to completed driver cabins and crane cabins”, said Graduate Eng. R. Keller and Graduate Eng. (university of applied science) A. Glanzer, Driver Cabin and Crane Cabin Development Division, Liebherr Werk Ehingen GmbH.