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Textil branch meets in Kaiserslautern

Human Solutions brings the world's largest international body dimension portal to the market


Human Solutions brings the world's largest international body dimension portal, iSize ( to the market - and invites its customers to the product launch in Kaiserslautern.

With iSize, apparel manufacturers can check their ready-made tables and size-related market potential in realtime, and modify their size tables for all size categories interactively - this enables them to increase their market shares in one or more export countries.

iSize encompasses international databases with all the relevant body dimensions for the manufacture of apparel or body-relevant products, plus a comprehensive function-building kit for interactive evaluation.

“Customers only buy what suits them. Any company can increase its market share by modifying its garment cuts. iSize plainly shows the correlation between fit and market success”, explained Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of the Human Solutions GmbH.”

iSize starts with data pools from Germany, France, all of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria (only menswear dimensions), Switzerland (only menswear dimensions), the USA, China and Korea. More data pools from other countries will be integrated within the next few months. The focal issue is the main export countries of the apparel industry. When a company inputs its own tables of sizes, it can display its own ranking table of the best potential export countries. And iSize also provides the company with the percentage share of the sizes to be produced for a new export country. In addition, a company's own table of sizes can be appropriately optimized for the new market - resulting in the expected market share being as large as possible.

With iSize, Human Solutions guarantees the highest level of quality in data analysis and processing. The data pools contain the most up-to-date body dimension surveys per country. Apparel manufacturers profit from the highest possible degree of accuracy and up to 140 different body dimensions in combination with selection criteria like gender and age group, plus (to some extent) socio-demographic information. A complex mathematical process for data processing guarantees the comparability of data from different sources.

The iSize Portal is now available. For enquiries and information about gaining access to the iSize Portal, please contact: or