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Human Solutions with RAMSIS – right there at the outset

Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium, Kaiserslautern


From today on, Human Solutions has a presentation booth at the Trade and Industry Exhibition of the first Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium held at the University of Kaiserslautern. Drivers' workplaces in buses, trucks and special-purpose/heavy duty machinery and vehicles see intensive use - and the amount of stress the driver experiences depends on the ergonomic design of his cab. More comfort and a high degree of safety reduce fatigue, ensuring continued efficiency at the wheel. The stringent requirements involved in vehicle driver cab design are fully met by RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles. “The Technology Symposium for Commercial Vehicles is an important venue for both the sector and the region itself. Many of our customers either have booths here or have their own people lecturing - and we’re delighted that this commercial vehicle cluster has been founded”, says Anton Preiß, Sales Director of Human Solutions.

The use of RAMSIS increases the level of ergonomic competence in the product development process – so results can be determined fast, reliably and objectively. The ergonomics tool RAMSIS gives users a program which addresses optimal ergonomic working conditions for commercial vehicle drivers - as early as the design and construction phase. On the one hand, the preliminary analyses contain more comfortable seating and operating ergonomics - and on the other, improved visibility conditions for the driver in his direct and indirect work environment. Preiß… “With RAMSIS, designers can avoid the time and cost-intensive modifications to finished driver cabins.”