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Human Solutions Group at the SPESA Expo

SPESA 2010: 18-20 May in Atlanta, USA Georgia World Congress Center, Booth No. 6045


The Human Solutions Group, Kaiserslautern will have a small booth at this year's SPESA in Atlanta, USA. In addition to a 3D Body Scanner, the booth and the ‘Cool Zone’ will also host products such as ‘vidya’ by the company's subsidiary assyst GmbH and ‘iSize’, the international body dimension portal.

“Vidya is currently the best the world market has to offer in realistic fabric simulation”, says Andreas Seidl. On a virtual model, vidya makes it possible to see how a fabric drapes, how prints look on various different sizes and where a design sits too tightly on the body. Used in conjunction with technology by Human Solutions GmbH, an avatar becomes a ‘Scanatar’, which is developed from a body scan and has exactly the same body dimensions of a house model or a standard size. This means that truly efficient model testing in 3D is now possible, for the first time ever.

The international body dimension portal iSize is designed to provide a professional and interactive analysis of body dimension data for global markets, enabling manufacturers to launch a collection in Asia, for instance.