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RAMSIS Update Conference North America 2010

The RAMSIS Update Conference North America 2010, in Detroit, Michigan, saw the Human Solutions GmbH once again welcome representatives of the international automotive industry


A total of 32 professionals from 17 international companies, including Toyota, Nissan and Carbon Motors attended the Conference. 60% of these companies are already on the customer list of the Human Solutions GmbH - in itself a remarkable achievement.

The first day of the RAMSIS Update Conference highlighted the new RAMSIS Cognitive Module, which calculates the optimal layout for instruments and operating controls in vehicles. RAMSIS Cognitive also analyses a multitude of potential influences on the operability of the vehicle.

Although the theme of the Conference's second day was “Seat – Belt – Design – Module”, most of the previous day's participants again came to the Troy Conference Center in Walsh College, where the User Conference took place - a sure sign that the quality of the Conference lectures, workshops and organization was well received.

The RAMSIS Update Conference of North America ended with a double social event - a visit to the Royal Oak Brewery, the most famous beer brewery in Michigan, and the rest of the evening at the Comedy Castle, where famous and lesser-known stand-up American comedians perform on a regular basis.

The RAMSIS Update Conference of North America 2010 – a resounding success for Human Solutions and all participants.

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