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Availability of Swiss serial measurement data in iSize

In 2008, Human Solutions initiated the Serial measurement program SizeSUISSE, in cooperation with Mr. Rolf Langenegger - lack of participation, however, meant that the project could not get off the ground.


The iSize Portal has been available since November 2009. Human Solutions has since incorporated data into the portal from various different serial measurement projects. Today iSize has German, French and America data, as well as data from Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea. Other countries (England, Sweden, Spain and Holland) are also in the pipeline. The Asian data is based on the anthropometrical databases in RAMSIS, the leading ergonomics tool for vehicle interior design.

Current data from Switzerland has been integrated into iSize since November 2010. The data originates from the 2007 Swiss Health Survey (SGB07) for which one person aged 15 and over was randomly selected per household during a country-wide, representative random sampling of around 30,000 private households. 18,760 persons were involved, comprised of 10,336 women and 8,424 men.

Height, weight and body mass index (BMI) were compared and integrated with SizeGERMANY body dimensions - and this means that all 44 body dimensions can be used.

Statistical evaluations can also be carried out based on the age and gender socio-demographic data, and the current key data of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS) on population was also integrated for the determination of market shares and market potential.

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