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Human Solutions starts off the New Year with innovative products!

Research & Development: ZIM projects act as an impetus for development


Sponsored by the European Union, the German Federal Government and the German states, the ZIM (Central Innovation Program for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)) has been promoting research and development activities for the creation of innovative products, processes and technical services for the past two years – and Human Solutions has taken this opportunity to develop several innovative products and components. These will be marketed in 2011 and will provide apparel industry customers, the sports sciences and medicine sectors with fresh momentum to further adapt their products to the needs of their customers and target groups.

EASY-INT, for example, is a project for the apparel and automotive industries - it constitutes the development and realization of methods and processes for integrating anthropometric body measurement data into an international data portal. The reasoning behind this project is that no current results exist for serial measurements of the populations in many countries - meaning that any available written data has to be used. To enable this data to be used, new procedures are being implemented to ensure that it conforms to modern-day data standards. The data then flows into the international data portal where it is used by the apparel and automotive industries for the target group-specific development of apparel, vehicles and market share evaluations.

With EASY-SCAN, Human Solutions - the world market leader in the field of body scanning, associated methods and procedures – is developing a more economical 3D entire body scanner. The background here is that 3D body scanners supply much-needed information about body dimensions and shapes - and this technology must be made accessible to a wider range of customers, especially those from the apparel industry.

Today's body scanners take just a few seconds to measure a human being in 3D and generate more than 150 body dimensions. A digital twin of the scanned person can then be seen on the monitor. In order to make full use of the information acquired from the scanning process, it would be extremely advantageous if the “scan” could be animated - or, in other words, if an avatar could be generated from the scan data... a Scanatar® (Scan Avatar = Scanatar®). Thanks to AVANTI-3D, methods and procedures can now be identified to generate statistically correct 3D avatars based on 3D body scans. Human Solutions is thus ringing in the next generation of the virtual world.

And last but not least - in the SCAN VALUE project, Human Solutions has developed processes and methods to calculate the human body's specific values for the fields of sports science and medicine. Here performance diagnostics data is created at an early stage, enabling training and success monitoring for the fitness sector and screening procedures for the early detection of child obesity.

All these products (together with the components of the new products) will be presented in May 2011 at the Frankfurt Texprocess, the leading international trade fair for the processing of textiles and flexible materials.

ZIM is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology on the basis of a resolution adopted by the German Parliament.