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SizeGERMANY - the German serial measurement program

Purchase of subscriptions to program results now possible


Effective immediately, garment manufacturers and retail companies can now subscribe to access the results of the SizeGERMANY serial measurement program. There are various models to choose from, including the data of ladies, men and children.

At the last meeting in Düsseldorf, the companies represented in the steering committee decided to open up this subscription opportunity, thereby granting many other industry representatives access to the results of the SizeGERMANY project. The steering committee’s objective ― in the interest of consumers ― is the realization of the rapid and full implementation of body dimension changes in future fashion collections.

Within the context of the SizeGERMANY project, a total of 13,362 men, women and children aged 6 to 87 years were measured, using the latest 3D scanning technology in a contact-free procedure. The results were made available to project partners in an Internet portal as early as February 2009. Using the SizeGERMANY portal, participating partners can perform interactive analysis and evaluations - and compare the results with their internal data.

Detailed information is available at

Hohenstein Institute

Dr. Andreas Schmidt


Human Solutions GmbH

Dr. Rainer Trieb