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New purchasing experience for tailored apparel customers

Rieder Maßmanufaktur (Rieder Tailored Manufacture) opts for the Virtual Mirror by Human Solutions


Rieder Maßmanufaktur is now offering a brand-new purchasing experience ― with the Virtual Mirror by Human Solutions, customers of this prestigious tailoring atelier can now try on Rieder models virtually at a life-sized screen ― and even before a shirt or suit has been stitched.

From the customer's standpoint, the Virtual Mirror functions very smoothly ― in just a few seconds, he is scanned and measured in the 3D body scanner. In the computer, the scan is then converted into a scanatar, i.e., an individual virtual model of the customer for the virtual try-on. Now the customer chooses the desired Rieder models to try on in the configurator ― and in a short time he can see the sizes and the garments that fit him. This means that during the purchasing procedure he can evaluate and decide the fabric and design which will suit him with just one glance ― and whether or not the shirt or suit also matches the components he wants – exactly like a real try-on procedure. At the touch of a button, the customer can change from model to model ― and he can choose from Rieder's wide range of materials and broad spectrum of finishing details and features. Individual requests can be immediately realized on screen and visualized on the customer's own scanatar.

“For us, the Virtual Mirror is a meaningful investment in the future. Anyone who comes to our premises to purchase apparel can try on customized garments, which do not as yet exist ― and can thus make confident and reliable decisions up front. Our customers are both delighted and enthusiastic”, says Annette Schrittenloher, owner and CEO of Rieder Maßmanufaktur.

Human Solutions and Rieder Maßmanufaktur are linked by a successful and long-standing partnership. Together the two companies have realized a series of innovative projects, which include computer-supported customized clothing production, for example ― and now the virtual try-on. In a vertical process, the Virtual Mirror links product development (CAD designs) and the store (orders and customer data). The solution consists of the product catalog Intailor and 3D body scanners by Human Solutions, as well as the 3D visualization software vidya and the CAD program cad.assyst by Human Solutions subsidiary assyst ― and it is ideal for trying on customized or ready-made clothing in the stores and trying on samples during collection development. The Virtual Mirror was first introduced at the Texprocess 2011 in Frankfurt.

“With the Virtual Mirror, we are entering into the new era of product development in 3D, one which will have a major influence on the next few years. I am delighted that the first installation has taken place here in the Palatinate ― and just a few months after the Virtual Mirror was introduced”, says Andreas Seidl, CEO of Human Solutions.