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Extensive SizeGERMANY Fashion Manikin Project

New fashion manikins based on SizeGERMANY can now be ordered


Physical fashion manikins for fit assessment in product development and for suppliers ― the result of an extensive special development project of the SizeGERMANY steering committee ― can now be ordered. The first sizes are for ladies’ wear ― 38 and 46 are already available and these will be followed by sizes 50, 54, 36 and 42. The menswear sizes 50 and 54 and children’s wear sizes 152 and 140 for girls and boys respectively will be subsequently developed.

The foundation of fashion manikin development in SizeGERMANY also forms the basis of the 3D avatars which are created from the serial measurement results. The dimensions of the avatars correspond exactly to those of the SizeGERMANY size table and of the fashion manikins, and this is illustrated by the corresponding dimension lines on the manikins themselves. For the first time, a consistent dimension and form concept for real and virtual try-on is now guaranteed.

One big advantage for the apparel company is that the one-off costs (for all bust suppliers) normally involved in the development of a fashion manikin form are funded by the SizeGERMANY project ― and the manikins can therefore be offered at relatively low market prices. The features of the new fashion manikins are very flexible ― upper body, lower body and full-body forms are all available. Soft inserts in the chest, abdomen, hips and buttocks facilitate the try-on procedure and sizing & fitting control. The fashion manikins are also equipped with flexibly rotating arms and an optional, height-adjustable metal stand can also be ordered. Among the other optional features are detachable arms, shoulder caps and a head.

The entire ordering process is carried out by Human Solutions. This includes the acceptance and management of individual orders, coordinating with the carrier, the creation and preparation of shipping documents and the sending of invoices to the customer. The Hohenstein Institute manages the quality assurance process and guarantees the dimensional accuracy and shape consistency of the ordered fashion manikins. The fashion manikins are made by the Sizemic Company based in London, UK.

The new SizeGERMANY fashion manikins can be ordered from all interested companies, even if they are not SizeGERMANY partners. Special discounted prices apply until 15 March 2012.

For more information about the fashion manikins, please contact:

Human Solutions GmbH

Claudia Kobel

T: 49 (0) 631 – 343 593 51

F: 49 (0) 631 – 343 593 10