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The joint website of Human Solutions, Assyst and AVM is now available online

A new portal for a strong group


The new website of the Human Solutions Group is now online. For the first time, all the companies of the Group ― Human Solutions, Assyst and AVM ― the Fashion and Mobility divisions, the international sites in Italy and North America and all the Closed User groups have all been integrated into a seamless web portal.

The portal provides up-to-date information about all products and events within the Human Solutions Group. The content is currently available in German, English and Italian. In addition to the publicly accessible content, there are also comprehensive information and services for customers in the user-friendly Closed User Groups.

The Human Solutions Group is the leading supplier of CAD, PLM and ERP in the apparel industry and the global leader in ergonomics simulation in the automotive sector. Human Solutions, Assyst and AVM have formed the Human Solutions Group since 2011.

“Our new website mirrors the development of the Human Solutions Group. It demonstrates the synergy of our technologies and illustrates the tremendous growth in recent years”, explains Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Human Solutions, Assyst and AVM.

The new website can be accessed from all the existing domains of the group:,,,,, and