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Vidya seminar in Turkey — Innovation on the march  

Human Solutions Group inspires new potential customers in Istanbul


The Human Solutions Group and its Turkish partner Astas have been working together for several years now in different areas, in a close and mutually trusting business relationship.

A very successful Vidya seminar was held in the building of the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) — the Turkish Association of the Textile Industry — in direct cooperation with the Human Solutions subsidiary, the Assyst GmbH of Aschheim-Dornach, Germany. Vidya is simulation software for the apparel industry.

Today, around two-thirds of all collections can be visualized and simulated with Vidya in 3D.

This improves data consistency and speed in development. The growing pressure and ever-increasing challenges the apparel sector faces today mean that efficiency is more important than ever.

Vidya offers matchless simulation quality for fabrics, patterns and human beings. This enables the basic fit, quality and effect of design drafts to be controlled at an early stage on the PC.

The 2-day event attracted a total of 108 participants.

This seminar provided many possibilities to exchange information and the feedback has shown that the expectations of all the participants were fulfilled. The visitors also found the software presentation interesting as regards financial business benefits — several test installations have since been carried out on Turkish customers’ premises.

One of these Turkish fashion industry clients has its own shirt, blouse and denim collection and the company will use the test installation in the “own label” area for shirts and jeans.

“The seminar aimed at more than just finding new customers.

Both organizers and participants benefited from it in many structured — and above all — sustainable ways”, says Thomas Baur, Director, Sales International, who is responsible for all distribution partners