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China remains a strong growth market  

Simulation software RAMSIS used increasingly in the ‘Middle Kingdom’


Human Solutions GmbH has added another Chinese carmaker — Great Wall Automobile Co. Ltd. — to its growing list of Far Eastern customers for the 3D CAD manikin RAMSIS. RAMSIS is the world’s leading ergonomics tool for the automotive industry when it comes to matching the interior of vehicles as closely as possible to the needs of the driver and passengers.

China is currently one of the fastest growing markets in the world… and a lucrative one, particularly for the German automotive industry. So it’s all the more important for the Chinese OEMs to keep pace with German high-tech vehicle development and incorporate ergonomics into their product designs as a competitive factor. And more and more Chinese car manufacturers are opting for RAMSIS, the more or less standard product in the industry. BEIJING JIANGDA TECHNOLOGY — the partner of the Human Solutions Group in the automotive sector — is the company assisting Great Wall Automobile with the use of the software. Collaboration between the HS Group and BJT has been very successful, providing customers with the the best possible training and services support.

Qizhen Zhang, General Manager of BEIJING JIANGDA TECHNOLOGY: “RAMSIS holds a strong position in the worldwide industry. Since foreign automotive manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, ergonomics has become a significant competitive factor. Chinese OEMs will keep increasing their R&D activities — also to aim for international markets. We are very pleased that by now, more than 20 Chinese companies have decided to include RAMSIS software in their design process.”

For Human Solutions, Great Wall Automobile in China is already the twenty-first company that uses RAMSIS Automotive — and that number is growing. Among the numerous customers of Human Solutions in China are two aviation institutes and a heavy machinery manufacturer. These companies use the industry solutions RAMSIS Aircraft and RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles respectively to support special studies in the cockpit and in heavy machinery. 

“RAMSIS enables ergonomic analyses to be carried out for the different postures and motion sequences of virtual human beings. The software uses the anthropometric databases of various countries in its calculation procedures: and since human sizes and physiques vary from country to country, statistical values from these different regions are available. This is globally unique, ensuring that companies from the Far East can incorporate their own populations into their calculations — and integrate drivers from Europe and the USA as well. This will enable China to offer vehicles not only to their domestic markets, but also worldwide,” explained Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Human Solutions GmbH.