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Clear the tracks for RAMSIS!

Shorter development times in railroad transport


The Swiss company Stadler Rail opts for the simulation software RAMSIS by Human Solutions to optimize the product quality of its rolling stock and to remain at the forefront for railroad comfort and security.

“We are pleased and proud to have gained our first customers in the railroad segment, Stadler Rail,” says Anton Preiss, Head of Mobility for Human Solutions: “You can check the field of view, boarding and the operability of the vehicle elements on the digital model already. This guarantees that the comfort and safety of the driver is assured, even before the final model freeze. And costly subsequent development changes are also eliminated. This is an important factor for saving time and costs throughout the various development phases.”

RAMSIS is the world’s leading ergonomics tool for the automotive industry when it comes to customizing the interior of vehicles to match the requirements of the driver and passengers as closely as possible.

Stadler Rail is now using the simulation software RAMSIS by Human Solutions to reduce development times and costs.

Stadler Rail focuses on the regional and urban transport market segments of the Swiss normal-gauge railroads, as well as new inter-regional and intercity traffic. The company successfully covers urban transport with two different vehicle families.

“Experience, know-how, flexibility, fast response times and the short decision paths of a family business: this means that we can guarantee our customers a complete and customizable range of products from a single source. And in future, we’ll ensure comfort and safety in our passenger railcars with the simulation software by Human Solutions”, says David Dommann, Application Manager at Stadler Rail.