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Divers in the scanner


How wide does the divers' hatch of a submarine have to be to enable fully-equipped divers to enter and exit the boat easily? To answer this question, the Human Solutions Group scanned two divers from the Eckernförde Naval Base on behalf of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

An unusual sight at the Human Solutions Group in Kaiserslautern: Two Navy divers wearing all their gear have their dimensions captured by a 3D bodyscanner.

The 3D bodyscanners of the Human Solutions Group capture body dimensions in a contact-free procedure. The device used – the VITUS smartXXL – takes less than seven seconds to create high-resolution, three-dimensional images of persons or objects in the form of 3D scans.

To design an optimal submarine entry/exit hatch for divers, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems needed highly accurate 3D models of a diver in various postures wearing all his equipment. This data is then used to simulate submarine entry and exit on the computer – so the designer gets precise onscreen information about the amount of space the diver actually requires.