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Autocost helps you save


Cost transparency is often only available after the production order is issued – and then it can be too late to realize any potential savings. Autocost, the leading on-demand service by Assyst, can change that. 

Autocost calculates production costs, including material requirements during and after the model freeze, and optimizes your orders for preliminary costing or materials planning of the articles based on the size code. The savings Automarker already achieves in marker laying are now significantly increased, because when you’re cross-processing several orders, Autocost helps you to combine identical cut styles for trims, like garment lining for the plaids, stripes and self-coloreds of a sport coat – so you can create the necessary transparency for making the right decisions well before production starts. All orders are displayed in detail and evaluated by e.g. materials, styles, average material consumption or product groups.

This means real savings! The proportion of the costs for the outer fabric of a garment is about 30 to 40 percent of the sales price, so a profit increase of up to 10 percent is possible with material savings of only 1 percent.