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A glimpse of the future PLM as the backbone of the development process


What will the future look like? PLM GoLive is becoming the backbone of the development process. It instantly provides a seamless process (also in the Cloud on request) from the first draft to the store – and it’s a process that any company can freely customize. Employees, sites and partners are linked flexibly. The new PLM Apps by Human Solutions also open up new possibilities for employees on the road.

PLM is the heart of development and your driving stimulus from the first draft to product delivery – and data management is only the beginning. The seamless integration of data and processes brings you even more in terms of efficiency. The direct integration of CAD all the way to ERP opens up even more potential. This makes PLM a true all-purpose weapon regarding time, costs and quality – because it enables up to 40% faster time-to-market and up to 85% faster processing of change orders.

The advantages of PLM GoLive at a glance: 

  • Integrated workflow: self-configurable dashboards/worklists, management information
  • Control of software programs as part of the work process
  • Multilingualism: dialogs/menus, reports/evaluations, currencies/weights/dimensions/units; also in Cyrillic and Chinese
  • Comprehensive functionality – locally and on the web: Flash client (Cloud), Remote client (Web/Local) and Desktop client (local)
  • Integration platform: ERP (ERP BOS, interfaces to Intex, Microsoft AX, SAP and others), CAD, Automarker/Autocost, PIM/MAM, catalog systems, DWH, etc.

What’s new – The fashion apps from PLM GoLive

With three brand new apps, PLM GoLive can now offer even more support for employees on the road. There’s a mobile collection book for management and sales, for example; collections can be shown and shared, in general or in detail, with photos or films. The second app is a Dashboard for managers. It provides key performance figures for the current collection on the road and it’s always reliable and up-to-date. The third app is aimed at creative departments; the Snapshot app lets you photograph, collect and share ideas for suggestions on the go.