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For the first time, comprehensive data on women’s large sizes is available in iSize


No optimal tools existed for product development with assured sizing & fitting in large sizes – until now! For the first time, iSize now offers comprehensive data for women with dress sizes from 48 to 64. 

The results of the German serial measurement survey SizeGERMANY made it abundantly clear: The body proportions of German women are changing, upward growth is gradually decreasing, while at the same time the proportion of women with large sizes is increasing.

This great market potential for the apparel industry has so far only been partially exploited: Large sizes are often based on an idealized customer image; extreme “flattering sizes” exist, but these do not result in a satisfactory size & fit. To acquire the new data pool, a total of 3,035 women were measured with a bodyscanner at the Hohenstein Institutes. 50 body measurements were acquired from the women, who were aged between 18 and 75 and had dress sizes from 48 to 64. A socio-demographic survey involving person-specific information, clothing preferences, purchasing behavior and sizing & fitting analyses was also carried out. So far, the results were only available on paper, but thanks to integration with iSize, individual and targeted evaluations are now possible for the first time.