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CAD.Assyst – en route to the intelligent pattern

Design fast – avoid careless mistakes


Cad.Assyst has evolved significantly in recent years, and always with the ultimate aim of orienting collection development technology on the “Smart Pattern”. The program’s development is focused on the preservation of knowledge, the automation of routine tasks and the interaction between 2D and 3D.

Working 20 percent faster? Cad.Assyst’s newly-developed features make this possible. Intelligent workstep aids simplify the everyday tasks for even the most experienced designers. Smart.Pattern’s expanded automation makes sure that routine tasks are performed automatically. All tasks are completed accurately using the same method. With Smart.Label, individual pattern elements can be named and specific attributes assigned to them. That’s the first step towards “intelligent patterns” and a prerequisite for dynamic sizetables. The transformation is complete – CAD was a design tool, but now it gives you a real competitive edge.

What’s new – Smart.Texture 

The new Cad.Assyst/Lay.Assyst visualizes the fabric texture in color. That’s great if you have to place and match pattern pieces, but it’s also very useful for documentation.

What’s new – Smart.Filter 

Smart.Filter images several model variants in one piece. Cad.Assyst lets you filter your desired variant (e.g. with a pocket) and use it along the entire process chain – for placement, plotting or output to the cutter. Alterations need only be made in one pattern piece. The basis for this is Smart.Label technology.

Planned product release 20.16 – 3D grading for top quality in size ranges 

When you grade a pattern you need to know about that pattern, the body in question and the interaction between the two. That’s a real challenge in 2D, and it’s why most companies only change their size run patterns in accordance with in-house rules. It’s here that the innovative technology of 3D grading offers a lot more flexibility, ease of use and knowledge about your own customers, because with 3D grading, you can see at first glance how a body changes with different sizes – and how a pattern for the desired size & fit has to be altered as a result! Visit our booth to learn more!