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Fashion in 3D


3D is at the heart of innovation in the fashion market. Vidya, the 3D simulation software by Assyst, can reflect reality in the computer and expand it. That opens up new opportunities – and competitive advantages – throughout the entire fashion process. 

Vidya is a leading software for the 3D simulation of apparel. It enables the visualization and simulation of collections, with correct body dimension data, original CAD designs and real material parameters. This data can be used throughout the entire fashion process chain. That’s why Vidya is integrated with Cad.Assyst, iSize, PLM GoLive and the Fashion Cloud GoLive.

What does Vidya simulate? 

Vidya simulates persons using real data from the measurements, volume and movement behavior of their bodies. Just like in real life, the simulated 3D garment consists of the sewn 2D CAD pattern pieces. Vidya uses real material parameters to

display the natural stretch behavior and structure of a fabric, for instance. Human, pattern and material interact perfectly for the simulation and the same body measurements/sizetables are used in CAD and for the creation of avatars. Drape, elasticity and structure correspond to natural movement behavior.

Interaction between PLM and Vidya 

Material data from PLM GoLive can be integrated directly into Vidya. PLM structures are also displayed. Conversely, Vidya simulations, images and 3D views can be opened from PLM GoLive. This means that your 3D data is optimally integrated into the development process.

The advantages of 3D simulation at a glance 


  • Developing faster – Idle and waiting times are eliminated. You have to wait for physical prototypes, but with Vidya drafts there’s no waiting for materials or your human model. Variants can be created immediately (fabrics, colors, patterns) and collaboration and approval procedures are much simpler.
  • Producing quality – Reality is digitally reproduced and expanded. 3D can be much more significant than a physical design during fitting procedures on models with various standard sizes, and thanks to functions like hiding pattern pieces for better visibility.
  • Reducing costs – fewer physical prototypes affect materials consumption and labor costs. The improved communications guarantee lightened workloads, because the Vidya Viewer simplifies coordination with partners and within the company.