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Finding the right size online: Bodyprofiling with the Virtual Scanner


For customers who prefer to purchase their clothing through the multi-channel retail trade, finding the right size is often a guessing game, with multiple orders and guaranteed returns. This not only involves costs for the customer, it also generates high costs to the merchant.  

Our vision: The online shop of the future knows the correct sizes and sizing & fitting preferences of all of its customers.

Every single body is unique and every brand has a different view of sizes and different target customers. That’s why the size & fit of products varies, even within one brand.

To combat this, Human Solutions offers a worldwide unique approach with ‘Virtual Scanner’ technology. The Virtual Scanner uses the iSize database, which is so extensive, statistically representative and detailed that the body measurements and shapes of customers can be determined with just a few parameters. Age, gender, body height and weight are all it needs. With this information, a realistic avatar is created, one which has all the right functions for the fashion process, like ordering online and virtual consulting in the shop.

To achieve perfect size recommendations in the online shop, Human Solutions has developed a tool which is based on the Virtual Scanner and can be easily integrated into web shops. The tool first compares product and brand-specific sizetables with the dynamically-generated body profile of the customer, then determines the appropriate dress size.