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RAMSIS drives a tractor in China


The Chinese “Luoyang Tractor Research Institute” will in future use the digital manikin RAMSIS to optimize the ergonomic challenges for agricultural vehicles and for tractors in particular. RAMSIS will mainly help to improve the view and comfort in the driver’s cab.

The “Luoyang Tractor Research Institute” is the technology center of the YTO Group, the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in China. The center was founded in 1955 as the “First Tractor Works of China”. The Institute works with RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles and NextGen.

“We’re very pleased that the biggest Chinese tractor manufacturer is using RAMSIS”, says Anton Preiss, Director Mobility. “The Luoyang Tractor Research Institute will mainly use RAMSIS to improve visibility and comfort in the driver’s cab.”

The digital human model RAMSIS is an established tool for creating vehicle ergonomics in CAD. It is used to optimize vehicle seating by means of visual and accessibility tests, for example, or through the analysis of belt routes. Ergonomics plays a crucial role in the development of a vehicle, because it establishes the link between the vehicle and its occupants.