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Construction machinery supplier Bell Equipment opts for the RAMSIS digital manikin


The South African company Bell Equipment will use the ergonomics simulation software RAMSIS by Human Solutions for the future development of its vehicles.

Bell Equipment is the leading construction equipment supplier in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. The company has its headquarters and central manufacturing site in Richards Bay, South Africa. Bell’s core product is the articulated dump truck which is assembled in the company’s plants in Germany and South Africa and sold globally. The company has the widest range of ADTs in the world, its smallest product is the B20E with a carrying capacity of 20 tons and its latest innovation is the B60E, the largest ADT in the world, carrying 60 tons.

The company’s vehicles, which are mainly used in the construction and mining industries are known the world over for their lowest cost per tonne offering, technological advances and comfortable and well laid-out operator cabin. To maintain their edge in class leading ergonomic design for their operators, the company will use the RAMSIS digital manikin and the RAMSIS ISO 5006 module in its future development of industrial vehicles. The ISO 5006 module ensures compliance with all the required visual criteria as early as the CAD design stage.

“Bell Equipment is the first South African customer to work with RAMSIS,” says Anton Preiss, Director Business Unit Mobility at Human Solutions. “In its future vehicle development, the company will use the RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles software, which is specifically geared to meet the ergonomic design demands of industrial vehicles. Developers of commercial vehicles such as heavy machinery, construction machinery and loaders must address optimal operation and control. RAMSIS can significantly improve the safety of drivers and people in the vicinity – and ensure compliance with important standards at the same time.”

The digital human model RAMSIS makes it possible to ensure the desired ergonomic design inside the vehicle at the early CAD design stage, saving both time and costs. The renowned ergonomics tool is developed by Human Solutions in cooperation with the German automotive industry and is used by the top 30 automotive companies in their vehicle development all over the world.