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How does autonomous driving change the vehicle interior?


The RAMSIS User Conference (RUC) brings together vehicle ergonomics simulation experts every year. On September 19th and 20th, the main topics are mobility and autonomous driving. During the conference in Heidelberg, the RAMSIS Excellence Award will also be presented for the tenth time for the best new scientific work of young scientists on ergonomics/vehicle interior design.  

The focus of attention will be on the Human Solutions digital manikin RAMSIS, which has been an integral part of digital vehicle development for two decades. More than 75 percent of all automotive manufacturers worldwide use RAMSIS to integrate human beings into the development process as early as possible.

Presentation of the RAMSIS Excellence Award 2017 

The RAMSIS Excellence Award for theses on ergonomics in the vehicle will be presented on the 10th anniversary of the RAMSIS User Conference this year. The prize for the best dissertation and prize money of €1,000 goes to Dr. Andrea Upmann. Her doctoral thesis submitted to the German Sports University in Cologne is titled “Application of Digital Human Modeling for the Ergonomic Evaluation of Handbrakes in Passenger Vehicles.” The award for the best master’s thesis and €500 prize money go to Yucheng Yang, who submitted his work entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Method for an Intuitive Driver’s Workplace Adjustment in a Motor Vehicle” at the TU Munich.

Autonomous driving changes the vehicle interior 

At the RUC, a central theme will be how autonomous driving will change vehicle interior design. “Which instruments will be needed in the future, how much room will the driver need if he’s not controlling the vehicle – and will we even use the term 'driver' in the future? These are some questions that we’ll be tackling at the RUC,” says Anton Preiß, Director of Mobility at Human Solutions. There will also be lectures on the topics of vision, seating, communication and interaction in virtual space, as well as a works tour of the John Deere factory.