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What can 3D body scanning achieve? Human Solutions at the 3D Body.Tech conference in Montréal


Human Solutions has been the world leader in 3D body scanning for almost 20 years now. At the 3D Body.Tech conference, the company will show what happens with a completed scan – and why the right software is crucial for the meaningful use of scans. 

Human Solutions, together with its partner Vitronic, will participate in the 8th International 3D Body Scanning Conference on October 11 and 12, 2017 in Montréal, Canada. It is the world’s leading event for body scanning technology. Tim Guenzel, Body Scanning Manager at Human Solutions of North America will speak at the conference and explain how the data collected by a body scan can be used as meaningfully as possible for industrial purposes and especially in apparel production and ergonomic vehicle development. The right software is what counts – and at the conference, Human Solutions will showcase its expertise in creating avatars with realistic body dimensions and in carrying out industrial serial measurement surveys.

Human Solutions and its partner company Vitronic will share a booth at the trade fair – and one of the products showcased there will be the VITUSbodyscan. After capturing the scanned person’s measurements in just a few seconds, this color scanner then provides a near-photorealistic image. Human Solutions will also present its software solutions for fashion and ergonomics at the trade fair, and special emphasis will be on solutions for the military sector. The Virtual Scanner is yet another Human Solutions product that will be showcased – it enables predictive body modelling based on just a few parameters. Human Solutions will also inform visitors about the serial measurement Size NorthAmerica.

The 3D Body.Tech international conference and exhibition will take place this year for the eighth time. Serving as a platform on which manufacturers, users, developers and researchers from around the world gather to discuss the latest developments in body scanning, it will also show visitors how scanning systems and related software solutions have evolved continuously in the last 20 years.