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Who wants to live forever? Digital Twin revolutionizes the PC Game branch!

On the 5th of October 2001, tecmath presented its new 3D technology at the USF Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


According to the organizers, the USF is the main forum for the German PC game developer scenario ( This entertainment software forum offers not only a broad range of specific information and analyses based on experience gained in the branch, but it also takes an insider’s look at the world of German game developers.

One of the 7 megatrends of the future is that of individualized products and the PC Games sector will profit from this. How, you ask? The answer lies in the phrase ‘create and integrate’. The 3D Body Scanner by tecmath AG is the means by which the player creates his own 3D image, which is then integrated into a PC game. The player will then see an image of himself, easily identifiable even among the myriad of PC game characters that will be available in tomorrow’s world. It may even be possible to integrate one’s own family and neighbors into the ‘Sims’ game, replacing the current imaginary ones!

The prototype of this new technology was presented in the Scanliner vehicle (