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Body and Foot Scanners measure the entire human body in the clothing purchase process of the future

With tecmath's Body Scanner Customers of the Berlin clothier CUT FOR YOU can now be measured digitally, paving the way for clothing and shoe purchase of the future. Perfectly fitting suits and/or shoes are manufactured using the data captured by the scan


CUT FOR YOU is the first company in Germany to use the 3D Bodyscanner “Vitus/smart” in combination with the 3D Foot Scanner “ShoeFit”. The complete system is designed to be space saving and integrates perfectly with the high-quality interior décor of the store itself.

The customer first enters the Scanning booth. Here his body and foot measurements are captured in a lightning-fast, contact-free process. The result is a digital 3D image called the digital twin. Then tecmath’s digital measuring tape software ScanWorX goes into action, using the digital twin to complete the remainder of the measurement and analysis tasks, enabling the customer to leisurely choose a cloth/style and leather/model for his new suit and shoes.

Using on-line data transfer, CUT FOR YOU then sends the customer’s measurements and order details directly to the manufacturer, where the data is fed automatically to machine systems, inventory control, material management and CAD design construction. The satisfied customer can then collect his customized suit and shoes in just a few days, at a price that no higher than that of a comparable off-the-peg item.