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Human Solutions now has its own Press Bureau in-house

Since the 1st of January 2004, Human Solutions has a press bureau within the framework of the Marketing Department in Kaiserslautern.


Press-related work will now in future be carried out in-house by this bureau. In thus expanding the Marketing Department, the Board of Directors at Human Solutions wishes to ensure that editors and journalists alike will get their information first-hand and any questions on customized clothing production, ergonomics or simulation that may arise will be answered by their own specialists from these sectors.

Mrs. Alexandra Kadel, a long-time Human Solutions employee, will be in charge of the new Press Bureau and will be delighted to assist in any way she can.

Human Solutions GmbH

Frau Alexandra Kadel


Europaallee 10

67657 Kaiserslautern


T: 49631-303-5600

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