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Surface inspection in stamping line: OPAQ project has now been competed

To detect and classify defects on automotive stamping parts as early as possible, the OPAQ R&D project was ignited 2 1/2 years ago, and has now successfully been completed at the end of March 2004.


In an offline measuring unit connected to the stamping line of the project partner and pilot user AUDI AG (Ingolstadt, Germany), automotive parts are investigated fully automatically for defects with a depth down to 10 micrometers by a robo-controlled, high-resolution surface inspection sensor. Thus, the measurement and evaluation of a stamping part, e.g., a car roof, can be done with 35 images and takes only 15 seconds.

For this measuring unit, the emphasis has been placed on its practical value in the process. The operation is done via a graphical user interface and a touchpanel, so the workers at the stamping line can carry out the measurements even with their gloves on. Now, the spectrum for stamping parts will gradually be extended, and the unit will be optimized for the planned inline integration with the large suction press.

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Picture: by courtesy of AUDI AG