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Loden-Frey uses 3D Body Scanner from Human Solutions for customized clothing production

The Human Solutions GmbH has succeeded in gaining a further well-known retail partner in Loden-Frey.


This clothier, long a tradition in Munich, now uses the 3D Body Scanner and the RETAILOR software solution for the production of customized clothing.

Anyone interested can now go along to the Loden-Frey store in Munich near the cathedral and get digitally measured for a perfectly-fitting suit from Windsor or an individually tailored shirt from van Laack. The data acquired is archived and is thus available for later purchases.

"The Body Scanner eliminates procedures that were time-consuming. This gives us more time to focus on our real task, which is what we do best - that of giving our customers professional, competent advice and guidance. We help our customers to create their own personal look from around 50 designs and 150 fabric samples", said Mr. Remberger, Head of Menswear Purchasing and Sales with Loden-Frey. "The tailored suit in classic elegance has always projected sheer individuality. To resist following the trend and nevertheless be modern - we see this as true luxury."

You will find more information on this classic clothier at