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Human Solutions at the Land Combat Exhibition 2005 of the Association of US Armies (AUSA)

From 21st thru 23rd September 2005 in Heidelberg: Industrial sector solution XFIT ARMY and the 3D Body Scanner presented at the Military Congress

Kaiserslautern, 16th September 2005 - The Human Solutions Company of Kaiserslautern has been invited to a US Military specialist event: From the 21st until the 23rd of September, the Land Combat Exhibition 2005 Congress will take place in Heidelberg. Representatives of various military services from the USA and NATO will be present. At the US Army booth, Human Solutions will present the XFIT ARMY outfitting solution and the 3D Body Scanner for the effective outfitting of military personnel.

XFIT ARMY is the worldwide leading solution for the outfitting of military personnel and state security forces. The customer base, in addition to the US Army, includes military forces like the German Federal Army, the Dutch Army and the Swiss Army.

Dr. Michael Gnoth, Head of Human Solutions International Sales for the Body Scanning Industry Division and responsible for XFIT ARMY sales, said, "The solution is being utilized by the US Army. Our customers are extremely satisfied and will gladly provide references for XFIT ARMY at any time. Participating in this specialist event will enable us to demonstrate 'live' the uses and the benefits of XFIT ARMY to Land Combat Expo 2005 participants. XFIT ARMY isn't only based on a convincing theory, it has also been proving itself in practice for years now. Thanks to the hard evidence of much-increased efficiency in the outfitting process and extremely fast amortization, we are confident that we can further assert our position as market leaders - together with our customers."

XFIT ARMY - An Overview

In order to have a suitable and complete outfit for each military person, a warehouse with uniform items in all existing sizes used to be necessary - but with XFIT ARMY, only the specific sizes that will actually be needed later are stored: XFIT ARMY enables the automated definition of all the necessary body measurements of military personnel. Using these body sizes, XFIT ARMY then determines the best-fitting garment sizes - individually, for each soldier, sailor or airman.

With XFIT ARMY, Human Solutions possesses the worldwide leading CIRP concept (Clothing Issuing Resource Planning) for armed forces and state security forces. From the automated acquisition of body sizes by means of a 3D body scanner, to computer-supported allocation of the best-fitting clothing, and integration with existing IT systems, XFIT ARMY is today being successfully used by many armed forces, among which are the Danish Army, the German Federal Army, the Dutch Army, the Swiss Army and the US Army.

Human Solutions GmbH

Human Solutions GmbH is a global software and system house with around 75 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body scanning, ergonomics and simulation applications. Human Solutions GmbH has over 300 customers, including famous names like DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries, the German Federal Army, Karstadt, van Laack and many more.

Our Performance Spectrum: Ergonomics, Simulation and Body scanning

For the past 15 years, Human Solutions has offered solutions for the electronic acquisition of the measurement data and the simulation of human beings. Over 70% of all automotive manufacturers worldwide use the human model RAMSIS for the ergonomic calculation of movement sequences.

RETAILOR is a worldwide, unique data platform created to sell high quality menswear and ladies' wear through the retail trade. This innovative system links automatic body measurement, computer-supported product selection and immediate order dispatch in the most comfortable way imaginable. The retail trade can now offer customized clothing from well-known manufacturers at mass-produced prices - individualized, but without the effort of individual tailoring and at prices normally associated with ready-made clothing.

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