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assyst and Rundschauverlag initiate cooperation agreement

Automated basic cut construction with cad.assyst in accordance with the systematics of M. Müller & Sohn

The assyst GmbH (limited company), with registered offices in Aschheim-Dornach near Munich and the Rundschauverlag, also from Munich, are now offering cut systematics in accordance with those of M. Müller & Sohn, through the macro function of the cad.assyst software smart.pattern. The macros on offer utilize user-entered body dimensions to construct basic cuts in accordance with M. Müller & Sohn systematics. Based on this data, the macro automatically calculates e.g. auxiliary measurements. Stored formulas and their results are displayed in clearly laid out Editor windows. The user can subsequently customize these entries.

The various macros are sold via the Internet at, where the partners present different components for blazers, jackets, skirts and coats. Both Windows and UNIX operating systems supported.

"We intend to bring these novel marcros to the sector as innovative products, counteracting the widespraed lack of cut-specific professional expertise", said Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of assyst.

The workshop of the assyst GmbH and the Rundschauverlag held in Aschheim-Dornach near Munich on the 26th of November 2009 is free of charge and will provide detailed information on each individual procedure.

You can register for the Workshop at


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