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Automated laying growing in popularity

Around 30 percent increase in the number of pieces on is becoming increasingly popular with apparel manufacturers. They are using the service portal more intensively than ever before; and the level of usage is still on the rise. Since 2009, the number of pieces on assyst's service portal has increased by over 30 percent.

The reasons behind the high demand for the On-Demand service for structured laying are two-fold - speed and efficiency. Laying on is faster than manual laying - and it's also much more effective when it comes to reducing material costs. The results are reproducible and always adhere to the same high standards of quality. Since 2009, the service portal has been continuously extended by sophisticated functions, so that even complex laying operations - like checked and striped fabrics for shirts and jackets - present no problem. The markers generated by automarker are always optimal, even in the case of materials with strong color flows and shades.

“We have consistently expanded the service portal with our customers in mind. And the significant increase in usage intensity confirms our strategy. We are on the right track - and we will continue to further develop in order to provide the best possible support for apparel manufacturers”, says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of assyst.

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