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IMB 2003: World Fair for Apparel Production Technology and Textile Processing

Human Solutions presents customized clothing production with RETAILOR New software solution means uncomplicated processes and a perfect fit

Kaiserslautern / Cologne, 08 May 2003 – Human Solutions will present RETAILOR for the first time at the World Fair for Apparel Production Technology and Textile Processing in Cologne. RETAILOR is a new software solution for simplifying the sales of customized ladies' wear and menswear. Thanks to this unique solution, retailers can for the first time combine automatic body measurement, computer-supported product selection, integrated manufacture and immediate order dispatch with a minimum of effort.

Simple Process

The retailer records up to 75 different body measurements of the customer by means of Human Solutions' proven body scanning system. These are stored for future orders. The customer and sales person then configure the required item of clothing together at the computer, using the data from the scanning process. Depending on the collection involved, more than 1000 fabrics can be combined with one another. The sales person subsequently transmits the anonymous ordering and measurement data directly to the manufacturer via the RETAILOR portal - either by LAN, Internet, Email or Fax. In the manufacturer's order acceptance department, the data is automatically prepared and adapted for the cutting process. If more detailed measurements are required, the manufacturer also has direct access to the scan data. This production process, consisting of automatic cutting, classical sewing, ironing and including multiple quality control checks, produces an item of clothing that fits the customer perfectly.

Advantages for all

In Germany, more than 50 branches of chain-store giants Karstadt and C&A trust the time-tested and proven body scanning technology by Human Solutions. RETAILOR already links manufacturers like Odermark, Windsor, van Laack and Europex. As well as providing a high level of customer satisfaction (thanks to perfectly-fitting garments), individualized design and products of the highest quality, RETAILOR also offers retailers several unseen advantages – capital need no longer be tied up in collections, prices do not have to be reduced and the burden and extra costs of unnecessary warehousing will disappear. At the same time the manufacturer reduces the element of product risk and can orientate his resources fully on customer needs, enabling him in turn to optimize manufacturing process units.

Human Solutions GmbH

Human Solutions GmbH is a global software and system house with around 70 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body scanning, ergonomics and simulation applications. Human Solutions GmbH has over 300 customers, including famous names like Daimler - Chrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries, the German Federal Army, the Hohensteiner Institute and C & A of Hamburg.

In October 2002, the tecmath Human Solutions Division split from the parent company tecmath AG of Kaiserslautern (backdated to 1st February 2002). Since that time, Human Solutions GmbH has been an independently functioning company.

Our Performance Spectrum: Ergonomics, Simulation and Body Scanning

For the past 15 years, Human Solutions has offered solutions for the electronic data capture and simulation of human beings. Over 70% of all automotive manufacturers worldwide use the human model (so-called manikin) RAMSIS for the ergonomic calculation of movement sequences.

ReTAILOR is a worldwide, unique data platform created to sell high quality menswear and ladies' wear through the retail trade. It is an innovative system that links automatic body measurement, computer-supported product selection and immediate order dispatch in the most comfortable way imaginable. The retail trade can now offer customized clothing from well-known manufacturers at mass-produced prices - individualized, but without the effort of individual tailoring and at prices normally associated with ready-made clothing.

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