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Human Solutions wins Brilliance Auto as a new customer

Leading Chinese car manufacturer chooses RAMSIS

Kaiserslautern, 13th April 2005 – Human Solutions GmbH, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, has won a new customer - Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. from China, one of the country's leading car manufacturers. With the Zhonghua brand, Brilliance Auto has developed an entirely new vehicle. In the future, Brilliance Auto will use RAMSIS for the development of additional new models for the Chinese market.

More than 70 % of the world’s car manufacturers use RAMSIS CAD software (computer-supported, mathematical-anthropological system for vehicle occupant simulation) for the ergonomic design of vehicle interiors. With virtual humans such as RAMSIS, a wide range of postures and motion sequences can be evaluated from an ergonomic point of view, in order to optimize the design of the interior. RAMSIS’ manikin dimensions are based on so-called anthropometric databases. As Body sizes and physiques vary from country to country, RAMSIS provides designers with accurate statistical information from different regions – including China.

“The extensive anthropometric China database was one of the reasons why Brilliance Auto decided for RAMSIS - vehicles can now be designed to accommodate Chinese drivers and passengers ", said Yang Dacheng, Group Leader of Packaging with Brilliance Auto. "Another key factor was the complete integration of RAMSIS in CATIA V5. Like most vehicle manufacturers, Brilliance uses this CAD system, too", he explained.

"Also important for Brilliance Auto was the fact that Human Solutions has a long history as the preferred ergonomics partner for automobile manufacturers and possesses comprehensive know-how on ergonomic processes, a combination none of our competitors can offer." said Peter von der Meulen, Sales Manager Ergonomic Simulation with Human Solutions.

Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions commented on Brilliance's dedication in the People's Republic: "Brilliance is a leading manufacturer and their small bus JinBei Haise corners 60% of the Chinese market. Until now, the company has invested more than 500 million Euros in the automotive industry. That's why Human Solutions has not just won another customer in China – we have taken a decisive step in a promising market."

Brilliance Automobile

The full name of Brilliance Auto is “Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd.” The company has its headquarters in Shenyang, in the province of Liaoning (People's Republic of China). At the time of writing, Brilliance manufactures three models under the ZhongHua and JinBei brand names. The small bus, JinBei Haise covers almost 60% of the Chinese market.

Brilliance Automotive also operates a factory in a joint-venture with the BMW group in Shenyang. The partners each own 50% of the joint-participation venture, which has a medium-term target of producing roughly 30,000 BMW 3 and 5 series per year. Total investments for 2005 are approximately 450 million Euros.

Human Solutions GmbH

Human Solutions GmbH is a global software and system house with around 75 employees in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Detroit, USA. The company develops and sells hardware and software solutions for Body scanning, Ergonomics and Simulation applications. Human Solutions GmbH has over 300 customers, including famous names like DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries, the German Federal Army, Karstadt, van Laack and many more.

Our Performance Spectrum: ergonomics, simulations & body scanning

For the past 15 years, Human Solutions has offered solutions for the capture of the electronic measurement data and the simulation of human beings. Over 70% of all automotive manufacturers worldwide use the human model RAMSIS for the ergonomic calculation of movement sequences.

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