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RUC – The automotive industry meets to discuss ergonomics... and young scientists receive awards  

Mobility defines our lives – we spend more and more time in vehicles. This intensifies the ergonomic requirements for vehicle interior design. Two scientific papers devoted to this subject win the RAMSIS Excellence Award at the RAMSIS User Conference (RUC) in Salzburg.  

Human Solutions issues invitations to the RAMSIS User Conference once a year and the automotive industry specialists who work with RAMSIS meet at the event. RAMSIS is the leading ergonomics tool worldwide – and this digital manikin by Human Solutions makes it possible to fine-tune the interior of vehicles to meet the needs of the driver and passengers. This year, the RUC will take place on 20 and 21 September in Salzburg in cooperation with the KTM Group. Driver assistance systems and their impact on ergonomics in the vehicle are the main themes of the conference.

RAMSIS Excellence Award presented

Every year the RAMSIS Excellence Award is presented for the best work of young scientists. The prize for the best dissertation and €1,000 was won by Susanne Schmidt with her doctoral thesis entitled “Systematic generation of ergonomic requirements in vehicle development, taking biomechanical aspects into account” which she wrote at the Technical University (TU) in Munich. The €500 prize for the best undergraduate work went to Christian Roghardt, who studied engineering at the TU Dortmund. His thesis is entitled “Development of a methodology for the interpretation of usable belt points in passenger cars by means of the use of digital human models, using the example of the CAD system Catia.” Both prizewinners will present their work to the RUC.

Bringing science and practice together

With the RAMSIS Excellence Award, the Human Solutions GmbH aims at bringing young professionals and scientists of universities and colleges together with ergonomics experts from the automotive industry. “Our goal is to enable young scientists to gain a realistic insight into the work of the automotive industry,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Director of Human Solutions GmbH. “The winners get the opportunity to present their work at the RUC, helping them to make valuable contacts in the industry – and the participants get new impetus from the world of science.”

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