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Who drives a car in India?

New representative data on the driver population in India will soon be available for the automotive industry. Human Solutions GmbH, Germany will soon integrate the data of the ARAI Size India 2008-10 serial measurement survey into its CAD manikin RAMSIS. The data was acquired by The Automotive Research Association of India.

The middle class in India is growing – and rising incomes naturally increase the demand for motor vehicles. Current representative body dimension data of India’s driving population is now available for the automotive industry. Automotive industry developers can obtain valuable information for vehicle interior design – and vehicle manufacturers and OEMs can use the data to optimize the ergonomic quality of vehicles for the Indian market.

Between 2008 and 2010, ARAI carried out the Project Size India – using the state-of-art technology, Human Solutions’ VITUS XXL 3D body scanner in its serial measurement survey to acquire the measurements of around 5,000 people in the 18-29, 30-44 and 45+ age groups. The survey was carried out in five geographic areas. 3,400 men and 1,600 women were scanned in different postures and 100 body measurements were captured per person.

ARAI concluded the study in 2011 and published an SAE Paper No. 2011-26-0108 presenting brief summary and key highlights of the study. The database finds applications in wide variety of product design applications and is widely appreciated by Indian automotive Industry.

RAMSIS software developed by Human Solutions GmbH is a leading  ergonomic simulation software which allows designers and engineers to create the 3D CAD manikins representing various populations by considering different international databases. This helps to simulate ergonomic tasks for a wide range of design and construction ana-lysis. RAMSIS is used by leading OEMs across the world.

With integration of ARAI Size India 2008-10 into RAMSIS, the database will now reach the users and designers who are tasked to create well-matched vehicles for the Indian population.


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