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New RAMSIS customer in China

Every second, 2.6 million vehicles are manufactured in the world – and a quarter of them are made in China. One of China’s largest vehicle manufacturers will use the digital manikin RAMSIS by Human Solutions for the development of their vehicles in the future –Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is an automobile enterprise group in China with a very broad variety of products, an outstanding industrial chain and the largest commercial vehicle scale. In 2015, BAIC Group realized vehicle sales of 2.49 million and an operating revenue of RMB 345.22 billion, ranking 5th in vehicle sales and revenue in China automotive industry. It also ranks 160th in the Fortune 500, and 15th in the global automotive industry. Weiwang division of Beijing Automotive Group uses RAMSIS to further develop its Weiwang brand.

RAMSIS is the leading digital manikin for the simulation of drivers and other occupants in vehicle interiors. It enables the desired ergonomic design inside the vehicle to be captured on the digital model during the early CAD design stage, generating significant time and cost savings. The renowned ergonomics tool is developed by Human Solutions in cooperation with the German automotive industry and is used by the top 30 automotive companies in vehicle development all over the world.


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