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A new version of RAMSIS in CATIA V5

Human Solutions targets the international market with its ergonomics software: Version 1.4 with new anthropometric databases for the USA and China


effective immediately, the Human Solutions Company is offering its customers new functions with RAMSIS in CATIA V5 Version 1.4. In addition to improved storage management and other small modifications, the main difference this new update provides for the new version lies in the two new anthropometric databases N-HANES III (USA) and China.


The magazine for ergonomics in the automotive industry

  • Drive differently
    ergonomics in the car of tomorrow
  • New, new, new!
    verification of compliance with norms, RAMSIS in NX, current research
  • Comfort under water
    interior design in submarines
  • China on the move
    ergonomics simulation in the largest growth market
  • Ergonomics at the starting line
    Size NorthAmerica to measure 17,000 persons

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